Releasing and Promotion

When the album was leaked over the internet several months before marketing, fans suggested it was a fake designed to prevent file sharing online. Human After All in compact disc has been integrated with the copy protection system in some regions. Spin noted that the official release of the album was inappropriate, as it happened after the end of the “Major Electronic Movement” in 1990, but before the release of independent dance labels such as DFA Records and Ed Banger. The Japanese edition of the album artwork contains a Daft Punk quote saying, “We believe Human After All speaks for itself.” At the time of release, the duo refused to be interviewed; They felt that using media to explain the album would be in contrast to the theme of the album in relation to the media as an oppressive force. But Homem-Christo said later that they chose to remain silent was the worst decision he had ever done.

Alive 2006/2007 tour, which included the Human After All Songs, made many reconsider their initial feelings about the album. Pedro Winter, manager of Daft Punk, at the time, said: “When we put Human After All, I received many negative comments such as:” It’s so repetitive. There is nothing new. Daft Punk used to be good “Then came back with the show of lights, and everyone shut their mouths … People apologized like,” How can we have judged the Daft Punk bad? “The live show has changed everything, including I do not part of it, I like to take a step back and admire it.òÀÙ I cried.òÀÝ The first single “Robot rock” received moderate attention, number 32 in the UK and number 15 in dance rankings reaching the United States, But it was not a big hit. The second “Technologic” single number 40 achieved in the UK, but has greatly improved in airplay. The track was also displayed P.O. And in a commercial iPod. The title of the song “Human After All” reached 93 in France.

Daft Punk directed the music videos for the songs “Robot Rock” and “Technologic”, while Tony Gardner directed the video of “The Prime Time of Your Life.” The duo wanted to make a video for the song “Human After All” too, but the movie shot at her has been expanded to create the Daft Punk Electroma movie instead. The Human After All songs also appear in the Daft Punk compilation, Musique Vol. 1 1993-2005 and the live album Alive 2007, the latest duo release at Virgin Records. In a 2008 interview, Homem-Christo said the duo was free from all record contracts. Daft Punk then performed single contracts with Walt Disney Records and Columbia.