Human After All

Human After All is the third double studio album for French electronic music Daft Punk, released on March 14, 2005 internationally and the next day in the US by Virgin Records. With this album, the duo has adopted a more minimalist and improvised approach in his music using a mix of guitars and electronics. A remix album, Human After All: Remixes was released exclusively in Japan Human After All was the latest studio album by Daft Punk released by Virgin Records.

Human After All received mixed reviews from criticism that ridiculed its minimalist and repetitive nature and its creation reported six weeks, which was particularly short in comparison with Discovery’s production and homework. However, the individual “Robot Rock” and “Technologic” have attracted many countries, while the title track “Human After All” traced in France. The songs of the album would then be incorporated into Dawt Punk’s 2006/2007 live tour, which received the acclaim of criticism. Human After All reached number one on the Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums charts and was nominated for a Grammy in 2006 for Best Electronic Album / Dance.

Human After All: Remixes was released on March 29, 2006, only in Japan has several remixes previously unavailable on CDs under a limited pressure of 3000 copies. A limited edition of the album included a series of Daft Punk Kubrick. The album implements a copy control system. The band 10 was previously titled “Robot Rock (Maximum Overdrive)” in the only version of “Robot Rock”.

In June 2014, a reprint album was released, even exclusively in Japan. The new edition features four additional bonus tracks. In August 2014, Daft Punk in silence gave the album its first digital, international release, featuring an additional remix of “Technologic” The Knight Club.